Frequently Asked Questions

No, a referral is not necessary. You can contact me via email or telephone. For relationship counselling to proceed I will need both members of the couple to contact me.

Enquiries and questions always welcome.

$130 per session (one hour).

Sessions are available:

  • Tuesday 10am to 6pm
  • Wednesday 9am to 5pm
  • Thursday 9am to 5pm
  • Friday 9am to 5pm

Please note this service is not a crisis service and is by appointment only. See Resources for crisis support services.

This is a really difficult question to answer as it depends on the issues that bring you to counselling and your motivation to engage in the process.

Some clients gain benefit from as little as three to four sessions while others may need more. As a guide it can be helpful to assume you might need at least five sessions. As an ethical practitioner I will never suggest additional sessions unless there is a clearly perceived benefit by you as the client and me as the counsellor in doing so.

Counselling is goal directed and focused and your progress and counselling plan will be discussed with you in a collaborative manner.

Yes counselling can occur via telephone or Zoom if you cannot attend in person. Please note that in my experience face-to-face counselling is more effective than online or phone counselling; however these are good options when face-to-face sessions are not possible.

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